hi, it’s me. welcome to my world.

Since I can remember, I have wanted to start a blog. I continued to put it off again and again and again. However, I finally decided to actualise my wish and start one. My blog was not created to portray immaculate language or to talk about things that do not interest me, just to obtain a great following. My blog was created as a platform, for myself, where I can share my thoughts and ideas and opinions on topics that interest and affect and bother me.

My grammar and use of language may not always be the best. But maybe that’s how my blog will show it’s authenticity: through not-so-perfect grammar and poor use of adjectives.

Hopefully, however, you challenge me on my thoughts and opinions and help me think further or differently about things I feel certain about and make me second guess myself.

I am excited for this new journey.

– sleepydarling


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